Saturday, November 24, 2007

The girl, the macro, and a pile of gold...

My girl majeure is kicking ass and taking names. For those of you unfamiliar with the lure, the addiction, the sheer insanity of the UBERTWINK... have a mage hit 70 and immediately epic out, then finish all the regular speed quests....

It's better than a whole lotta things... spec all that loverly gold. Started around 500g wed night... after blowing 200 on 15 primal airs, and 200 on 300 sunfury sigs, I got 1300 :)

AND another 200 on my bank alt offa spellfire cloth sales. And she's getting good honor right now. Had a 770 honor av game, not counting kills.

Jabari had some interesting comments on Unbound's poor build...

I SWEAR TO GOD that there will be a shaman post. Soon.

But for the most part, Jab, I'm avoiding the imp enhance totems cuz I daon really do instances right now. And in casual grinding, I kill fast enough to make enhance totems a non issue. Not actually playing her much truth be told, which will change. 2.3 helped a lot, but I've been single minded on getting maj up. I ran Unbound a little to see how things work... love the mana efficiency of shocks now, hence the elemental points. Yeah, my main hand weapon sucks... I hava nice slow level 66 and 67 weapon in the bank, but I screwed myself with the ring of blood in not getting the fury brand :(

Anyway, a nice +20 str 2.6 hammer dropped for maj in netherstorm today, so Unbound might just be ready for prime time!

And here's a slacker macro. Its really simple, you all probably know it, but I couldn't find this anywhere... too late I realized it really is a rogue macro, and I shoulda looked there first...

/use Wizard Oil (or whatever)
/use Bringer of Death (or whatever yo weapon is....)

One button mana/spell damage oil buff. Simple simple. I had no idea that the proper command to apply the stupid oil was /use, until I chanced upon via trial and error. Another silly macro thing... I've been having probs with my
/cast POM
/cast Arcane Power
/use trinket of mega death
/cast pyroblast

macro... had to take out all the /stopcasting parts, and now, when it lags, I gotta double tap it to make it go off... I think its getting stuck server side when it gets a little ahead...

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Jabari said...

Heh - I didn't say it was a "poor" build. :)

It seems that the ele vs resto "minor" is essentially a tradeoff of (+5%DPS + Elemental Warding) vs (Improved Ankh + Totem Range). Either way is good - I personally like the range increase, but 5% damage is not a small number either.

Enhanced Totems gives you 13 STR and 11 AGL. Definitely not a big deal for soloing (and Anticipation IS good for solo) - as long as the points end up there eventually, no problems from here. :)