Thursday, November 22, 2007

Happy thanksgiving!

First... ain't respeccing Z. No way... slow is too much fun. That 1.5 sec heal is now.... 2.5 sec. AWWWWWWWWW.

Second... eating till ya almost burst on T-Day. Cool.
Walking a mile in the rain immediately afterwards... not cool.


Damn, still alive, I guess I gotta post again.

I think today is the day we should set aside to recogize all that we have been givin by life. A wonderful meal, bountiful drink, plenty of sheep.

That's right... kiss up to the mages.

What? We get to drop 200g on conjure water and food books, so we can then blow 20s feeding you hogs? And not even a thank you, just a pile of dirty dishes to clean?

Cmon... I'm not asking for much... Warriors... you see a rogue carving us a new.. well, stunlocking us, a nice little charge/overpower love?

Druids... ya see that nasty little shadow priest mindflaying us? How about a heal?

Hunters... that mean old warlock has us on permanent fear? Feed his ass to yo beast!

Just a little recognition of our value to the team, please. Or I start adding laxatives to the manna biscuit recipe. And we doan want that, do we?

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