Friday, November 16, 2007


Maj turns 70 and...

1. Put on 5 epics.
2. Equip level 70 staff.
3. Farm enchant weapon, spell power
4. Hit netherstorm and get exalted with Scryer.
5. Buy pvp trinket.
6. Farm more honor.
7. Start arena.

The question... do I get the regular pvp trinket or the +20 resil pvp trinket? I only got 24k honor at this point...

Whatcha think?


Shifttusk said...

20 resiliance one

its a 2 minute cooldown vs 5 minute and a no brainer.

BM said...

get the resilience trinket ... resilience is your best friend.

pelides said...

You can grind ogre beads far faster than ZAxxis Insignia for Scryer rep