Thursday, November 15, 2007

Doan wanna blog...

Doan wanna blog...
Doan wanna blog...
Doan wanna blog...


While working at the c-store, in the middle of the night, I met a lotta non crazy people. Cept, they were up in the middle of the night, so, well...

The strangest were the midgets. One of the bars across the street had a dwarf wrestling event every so often. I hated it. The frat boys would come through, horsing around like, well... drunk teenage idiots.

After everything calmed down, and the bars had been closed for a while, the midgets would come through, pick up food, and chat. They were pretty cool, even if they did whip the masses into an orgy of blind stupidity.

Prob my favorite visitor was this musician. He was a professional... by which I mean, he actually made money doing it, would play gigs at bars, and afterwards when I saw him at 3 in the morning, he'd be stone cold sober.

Doan trust people that drink at work. Even if they work in bars.

Anyway, he'd come through, and we'd rag on each other. It was great.

Then one night, a smokin hot chick comes through, and I say something snarky to her. She looks at me for a moment, then shrieks..

"You're so-and-so!"

"Er... yeah..."

"My boyfriend is always talking about you! He comes home and he's pissed for like an hour, trying to come up with things to say to you the next time you guys get into an insult fest... it's the cutest thing!"

Some people just have a taste for abuse.

Me, I get it from WoW.

So, I log onto my shammy last night. YOu know, the shammy I had to pay 15g to respec cuz blizzard decided to radically change the talent trees and NOT give a free respec.

Cept, they DID give a free respec. They just waited until the DAY AFTER THE GODDAMN PATCH.

Thanks again. No, really.

Oh, and that TJ person logged on and was yelling at me.

She says I need to stop saying she's cute. She's probably right. Next time someone asks, I'm gonna just tell em that she has a great personality....


Sonvar said...

Oh you could go by Monty Python and say TJ has huge tracks of land

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TJ said...

You teased me, and you got spammed.

See, God smote you for that.

Doomilias said...


BRK said...

A BRK Correction:

TJ never yells; she gets shrill.

That is all.