Saturday, November 17, 2007

Majeure made 70. I put on the new gear... and damn, I need season 3. About 800 +fire/arcane damage (more than melvin) and only 6.2 k health.

Glass cannon indeed.

Arcane missiles are hitting for ~600, and critting for about 1k.

Pyroblast is hitting for 3k, and critting for 5.5k.

Did the new Alterac Valley... and its gonna take the horde a while to get accustomed to it.

Here's the skinny. You win by killing enemy players and taking enemy towers. I doubt many games will end by the death of the enemy general.

When Blizzard says... "reinforcements..." they mean YOU. Every time someone dies, the counter ticks down. Every time a tower is lost... the counter loses a lot. The only way it goes up... take a mine.

I like it... it's a lot less static. And theres a lot more pvp now. However, it seems to be taking forever for the horde to adapt. Ah well.


Peashooter said...

Congrats on getting maj to lvl 70!

Sonvar said...

I didn't really notice any difference outside of the horde not immediately zerging to the general. I did AV over the weekend for the pvp daily quest and I only had 6 hks which was what I normally had before the changes. So until they start guarding towers a lot more I don't see much changing.