Friday, November 23, 2007

Dark thoughts...

K... someone here isn't pulling their weight.

No surprise, itsa tauren.

Unbound, you aint cutting it. Mabd has become the scourge of the BG's, a terror to the alliance. And she's FUN to play now. Like a wolf in the fold, or a snake trap in a noob area. She had 4 kills in a single 5v5 yesterday. (Aimed shot is just... evil now...)

Majeure pulled in 400g yesterday on quests and spellcloth manufacture. Her arcane missiles crit for 1100.

You, however, suck without remorse. Your bank is filled with useless engineering gear... a set of healing gear that you will never use, and a ton of crap bought for you AT ENORMOUS EXPENSE for when you make a higher level. Scales of the beast WITH the cobra patch? Jeez.... and what have you to show for it?

We cannot continue to maintain you at your present level of expense. Cutbacks will have to be made. And performance will have to improve.

Or else. Mabd got a new beef flavored kitty treat recipe yesterday... you'll never guess the ingredients...

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Jabari said...

Heh, don't expect too much - Enhancement shaman shine in 25-man raids, and not a whole lot else. They're pretty "meh" for both farming and PvP.

Unbound looks like he's in decent shape - here are a couple of minor tweaks you can try:

- The worst thing you have is that horrendous MH weapon. Daggers are a complete no-no - slower weapons are better. WF and SS aren't normalized, and you're losing a ton of damage from have that fast of a weapon. Pick up any kind of 2.6/2.7 speed MH.

- 2 points in Enhancing Totems, please. Steal them from Anticipation for now.

- I think that Resto is still better than Elemental for the other points (but it's close). How is the elemental side working for you? (You were resto-minor before IIRC)

I quite like my shaman - it's true that you don't kill things without trying like with the hunter, but it's the most fun char for me to play. :)