Monday, November 5, 2007

Dazed and confused....

I am blessed with great friends. And some not so great friends. And some, shall we say, just plain batshit insane people that seem to want to hang out with me.

I did mention the serial killer before, right?

Anyway, one of the "A" rank friends is a coworker. Like Melvin, but with more of an intellect. He doesn't play the game of games, choosing instead to spend his gaming time with Civ 4, overrruning the world.

It's all good.

Anyway, you know this type of friend, I hope... I have a very strange sense of humor that most find hard to grasp. A can finish my jokes, and I can finish his... it's rather a relief... After talking with him, I always get the sense, that, no, it isn't me, its just the rest of the world that's nuts.

Sadly, A is a vegetarian... so we doan do lunch much. Melvin has begun saying things like... "Maybe A would have understood that..." when I say something a bit off that track. That and, "have you been taking your meds?"

Anyway, I was officially boggled today. While riding the metro, on the way into work, I saw the most attractive young woman... and she was wearing a shirt printed with the legend "Be kind to your sex worker!"

I doan know what to think.

This is made worse by my recent arena experiences with Herk We haven't been doing too well, due mostly to inexperience (mine with the MM build, his with the teamwork needed for Arena...) and Herk is getting fustrated. And when he gets fustrated... he talks sex.

Let me just say that I'm happy that there's most of a continent between us now. Not that he's ever given any indication of "playing for the other team..." It's just that I'm not sure he would even, er... think it would be a problem...

Way back in the day, there was a show named night court. John Larroquette played a sex obsessed lawyer. One episode, his character was forced to go without for a prolonged period. At the end of the show, he learned it was all for naught and walked into the court's packed cafeteria. The female lead of the show took one look at the expression on his face and yelled... "Run for your lives, girls!"

The cafeteria clears of women... and John looks even more fustrated. Then one of the male characters yells... "Better safe than sorry, guys!" and all the men flee the room...

I'm just saying, I might feel more secure if there was an ocean between me and Herk, that's all...

Oh, and Zman has joined the madness! Welcome shortie!


TJ said...

I need help. I can't keep straight who everyone is. I missed something. I'm lost. I'm panicking. Can I have a pamphlet or something? I think I missed the orientation. Where are the bathrooms? Are you sure this is the right way? Who is Melvin? Is that the same as Herk? No, can't be. Wait, is Herk the same as Kelmar? Are you hogging our Kelmar? Do I need to have words with you?

Sonvar said...

TJ you're probably better off not knowing who Melvin is much like I am besides the stories shared here. And yes Kelmar time is being taken away from you when Herk gets played unless he has multiple accounts and platlys them st the same time.