Monday, November 19, 2007

Some more stories...

K. Look.

We all know they're out there. The greatest threat to human civilization. The darkness at the end of time. The hunger that consumes itself.

Theresa kinda neat conversation goin on right now about the baby boomers. Or, as I prefer to refer to them, the least generation.

Doan get me wrong. I love my parents. But they're outta it.

My pet theory... we go through phases. The first phase, we scream when we want something, and don't stop screaming until we get it.

Baby boomers made a political movement outta this philosophy.

It's not until we realize that noone is gonna clean things up for us that we grow into the next step, adulthood. However, this process is not inevitable.

Dealing with drunk teenagers during my years at the c-store taught me this.

The question then becomes, as adults, how are we going to deal with other people's children? Cuz, realize, that's exactly what they are.

It gets even worse online, where bad behaviour really isn't punished with anything like real world reprecussions. Arms&Fury is always falling for this. I remember him bragging a coupla months ago about helping someone buy their (non flying elite) mount. His boast... "Nuttin like helping someone buy a mount to get in good with a new guild!"

A month later when he needed the money for his own mount... "I can't believe he hasn't paid me back yet!"

We have to realize... there is no "loan" in the game. Itsa gift. If you get it back, well and good. If not... you damn well better have not expected to get it back. Remember this.

Doan fall victim to teh N00b. They plead, they beg... but inevitably, they will just waste your time. If you have to help them... teach them how to play better. BRK has dedicated his online life to this noble pursuit, valiantly trying to rid azeroth of huntards, one lesson at a time.

He is doomed to failure. For everyone that listens, there are a dozen infants who cannot... who can only scream and demand the game change to suit them.

A real world example of the horrors of doing favors for people. my brother needed to upgrade his computer to play WoW. My brother has no credit cards. For very good reasons, mind you. So he went to my father, asked to charge some online parts to Dad's credit card, and in return, would pay him back.

My brother then went lowest price on the net for his shopping. The card got charged, the parts never showed. My brother didn't pay my father. It wasn't HIS fault, you see. The website was a ripoff, and my brother didn't think it fair that *HE* have to take the hit.

I'm just saying. This is how they think. They doan even consider how much of your time they're wasting when they ask for the instance run, then have to spend a half hour running around to get the quests after you've agreed. While you wait.

And it doesn't have to be fiscal. Arms&Fury (not quite grown up himself, mind you...) answered a general chat request for more people for a 3v3. Bein run by a mage.

Now the mage seemed nice. Friendly, polite, etc. But his gear and build were TERRIBLE. Far enough in fire tree for firepower, far enough in frost for ice barrier.

Now, I know some people will claim something like this to be a viable build. And it is... kinda, sorta. I wouldn't mind playing this sorta thing one day. But the trick is... how do I put it?

Theresa harley. And theresa tricycle. And some people gotta do the tricycle til they work up to big kid bikes.

Majuere has some horrible damn equipment. But I'm not gonna change out my bracers, boots and shoulders till I can buy the season 3 crap. Ima cheap ass bastard that way. Still, while working her from 60 to 70, I accumulated the full spellstrike and spellfire sets. So... my health will go up, but I pack a punch immediately.

Now this mage... had 2 of 3 of the spellfire set on. And the thing about spellfire... it only adds to fire and arcane damage. The majority of this guys points are in the frost tree... you see the problem?

So Arms&Fury are playing three games with this guy so he can get his 10 for the week... and we lose all three cuz the poor guy only has 6.6k life, and that aint enough for arena. He also lacks the sense to stay outta harm's way long enough to do any damage...

And Arms&Fury asks the question that chills my soul.

"So, X, are ya doin any 2v2?"

A&F wanted to invite him into the team...

I still wanna hit him for being so silly.

Doan get me wrong. Occasionally, the spirit of altruism will move me, and I will help people out. But I prefer to help those that help themselves, if you know what I mean. I hate people spamming for help in quests that, by all logic, are quite soloable.


Economic forecasts... also known as the trading pages... we gotta week before season 3. Now is a great time, if you are expecting to get new gear, to buy the gems and enchant mats for the gear AHEAD OF TIME. Cuz come Nov 27, its gonna get crazy, price wise.


ArmsandFury said...

I don't think it was silly. I wanted practice for arena and you play arena once a week. S3 starts soon so we aren't hurting for rating points since we are already getting that armored mount.

Arena needs practice and knowledge and skill. I am working on these. Knowledge of other classes is coming slowly as I only get it by playing the other classes or by my reading on them... which I don't cuz the time I have free I am usually playing. I have the warrior skill to play arena well. I need the practice to cement into my reflexes.

BTW... I will not ever beat a frost mage with full mana and health... No matter what I do... period.

Sonvar said...

Yeah I figure the same that if I give money to someone I probably won't be getting it back and if I do thats swell.

My main gripe is people begging for money(whether it be for mounts, training, or gear) and getting mad when I say I won't give it to them or I ask them to justify why I should give someone I've had no prior contact free money.

Anonymous said...

I read your stuff a lot, and I appreciate the subject and your thoughts, butit's starting to remind me of Irvine Welsh writing in dialect. What the hell is 'Doan' and who the hell is Theresa? You either spell check or you don't.