Sunday, November 18, 2007

Sir Thomas Lipton, the Earl Gray, and Arms and Fury

There is a particularly reprehensible practice that has spread amongst the WoW community. Arms and Fury is an enthusiastic practicioner of this obscenity.

If you are unaware of it, I will spare you the horrific details. None the less... it didn't take long for the horde to get a nasty nasty Alterac Valley strategy. You can see the results on the screen shot.

Horde... 606 honor.
Alliance... 0 honor.

If the horde has any sort of discipline... then the alliance has to get lucky or good to win. I wonder how long this imbalance will last?

Oh, and TJ has surrendered. I await her formal capitulation in a post.


Peashooter said...

God I wish I were horde...

ArmsandFury said...

The good thing about AV is... it's now like the raids on the towns used to be... blood bath!

Sonvar said...

Maybe in your battle group. Horde has and still has been mostly losing AV in my battlegroup. Its when you get to EoTS that the horde seems to more consistently win.