Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Free at last!

He went home! My guest over the weekend! With only the mild price of a few gallons of juice.

Strangely enough, my guest, Derek, has a bete noir... Neal. And the story of Neal is the story of my number 3 most annoying stalker.

See... Neal managed to screw over Derek just by existing. Derek is intensely proud, and hates being in his current position. Neal, on the other hand, spends all his time trying to nail down every penny out there for handicapped people.

Neal managed to get himself diagnosed as learning disabled. He managed to parley this into a full disability from social security, and hence a nice lifetime pension.

Doan get me wrong... that might sound logical. But Neal is crazy. He's just not crazy the way Derek is. Neal is crazy in thinking that the world exists to take care of him. Derek is crazy in that, if he's alone too long, he'll start talking to himself and getting severely agitated.

You see the difference?

See... Neal wasn't exactly stalking me. But he insisted in visiting me, and would talk about the injustice of the world while plotting his stalking of his ex-wife. And the horror he put the mother of his three children through...

I mean... ladies. I'm as misogynist as they come. But some things give me the serious creeps... and it's mostly men. Sexually obsessing about women that they've just seen, and not even met in any sense of the word. Bad enough the handful of times that *I* was sexually proposition by creepy guys with no personal hygene. I can't imagine what you ladies go through...

Neal became a ferverent christian. And not in the Christian sense... he swears by the faith because he thinks it teaches that he is OWED. That his wife had no business divorcing him and taking the children, because they were married in a church, and god trumps all... and that he was devoted to his children, the courts had no right to take them...

This from a guy who refused to work a part time job cuz they started garnishing his wages to pay back child support.

I could talk about his horrific personal hygene. (After he left the residence hall, they burnt the furniture he used regularly...)

I could talk about the pack rat mentality... (He slept in his car cuz his bed was a storage device... and he stopped taking showers years ago, the better to store things in his bathroom...)

But this is the story of stalkers... and Neal spent a year playing the Sims, recreating his wife and children so as to get them back in the game...

How did Neal screw over Derek? His first quarter at my school... Derek was evicted from his apartment building. (It had been condemned...) Derek was told to move into my building, a graduate hall. Now, Derek was an undergraduate. And my hall had exactly *1* undergraduate at the time... Neal. And the Hall Director's experience with Neal was so poisonous that she blocked Derek from moving in (which Derek later found out that she had no right to do...) . So Derek had to scramble to locate a new apartment in his first quarter... and it was the week before finals.

I swear to God, Derek is simply cursed. Oh and the hall director tried repeatedly to evict Neal... but he was (learning) disabled... and despite not paying rent for half a year, he couldn't be touched.

So anyway, after getting his full disability tag from social security, he got a $77k payout. What did he do with it? Pay back child support? Work on setting up a productive life? Pay off his massive debts?

Try suing his wife to get custody back, on the theory that she couldn't afford to fight it. Thankfully he managed to blow the money before doin much harm.

By the way... Neal eventually graduated... (he was givin a year to take the final exam for a physics class he never finished. Cuz of that learning disability.) And he got his degree in zoology.

I did mention his Christianity, right? What I didn't mention... hesa creationist. With a degree in Zoology.


Needless to say, he play a hunter in WoW.

PATCH DAY! And Majeure is 148k exp from 70! Glory be!

Tomorrow... the number 2 stalker. Rick... a guy who got married to a girl who then moved in with a male friend of hers, trying to get pregnant so she could sue Rick for child support...

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Aerislan said...

you have a very interesting life to say the least...