Tuesday, November 27, 2007

The Huntard Lurks...

I mean seriously... I caught myself over the weekend doin it.

I was farmin cobrascales. Which are a pain in the ass, now that Mabd is no longer BM. But I got my six, enough for the nether and reg patch, already got the primal airs and leather.

And there I was... droppin offa my mount to take em down at close quarters... and doin great. Plant an imp fire trap, serpent sting, MS, then pop deterrance and monkey and then go to town.

And I thought... hey... maybe I should think more about melee in pvp.

Cuz you know... they all wanna get close to you... and I'm getting that sweet new axe today... so pop the talent points for +20% crit on raptor strike, and watch that rogue or mage eat 3k damage the sec he steps into range...

This is the dark side calling. The dark side does not love you, hunter. It seeks to destroy you... to turn you into one of the shambling monstrosities known as... huntards.

Turn away! Reject the easy path of non kiting! It never ends well...

Everytime the hero yells... "Come get some!"... well, something big and nasty, and usually in plate shows up to collect. And we all know where that ends... your spine overpowered into the ground, while you stare at your violated body from a distance as your severed head rolls away.

This is the terrible secret of the hunter... that little voice that says... "letem get into melee... you can deal..."

Its the same voice that tells you to jump, when standing on the bridge, or buy that girl with all the tats and the bad attitude a drink, CUZ YA NEVER KNOW. (Oh, yes you do, oh yes you do...)

Or maybe my family won't be crazy this year, yeah, lets visit for the thanksgiving weekend.

Its the same thing. The same, evil, self hating thing.



Sonvar said...

Yes some of the survival talents definitely seem to scream melee huntard. While it may improve your chances to melee you are hurting yourself in that every other melee class will still beat you into the ground. Could it be surprising if you spring it on someone else and possibly do a huge crit? Yes. But do you want to only or mostly do melee as a hunter? No, because all of the more powerful and better skills work with ranged attacks. Melee if you have to but don't ever make it your main form of attacking unless your saving ammo when running lowbies through an instance.

Sonvar said...

And to add one more thing. Most of the melee talents in the survival tree point towards kiting. Counterattack immobilizes the target for 5 secs which helps you get into to range. Improved wingclip also gives a chance of immobilizing the target for 5 secs in addition to its normal use of slowing the affected target. Deterrence is more an "Oh Shit" I'm in combat and I can't get out at the moment ability.

Shifttusk said...

Hahaha I can't believe you don't like farming as marksman.

1) You never worry about pet agro ur ass is gonna pull it.

2) Wear raid gear, hit mobs for 2k autoshot crits

Or you can do what I do, I honestly got so bored of ZZ autofireneverdrink BM farming now as marks I generaly have fun and try to die. Like pull 6 mobs and kill via serpentsting/multishot over a frost trap.

PvE gone wrong!

ArmsandFury said...

Actually, I love the darkside for you hunter types... in several BGs already, I get in range with the warrior and the hunter pulls his axe... I just /moo and gut him.

All hunters should melee!

Anonymous said...

There is a heavy misconception about the SV Mele talents. Things like 'Improved Raptor Strike' and 'Wingclip'.

I've heard ( and numerous times at that ) 'If your a good hunter, you will never use mele. EVER.' and this really is just wrong. Even the best, brightest, most brilliant hunters. Will always find themselves in mele at some point. Weather its jumped by a rogue, druid, or intercepted by a warrior. You are in mele. And theres nothing you can do about it.

Raptorstrike as an ability allows you to max the crit chance that your next auto attack WILL hurt whom'ever you happen to be next to. For whatever reason. And its usefulness is immediate and obvious. After hitting it, it does not interfere with any other abilities, and is simply added free damage with a talented (huge) increase in crit chance.

Same way Mages get Arcane Fortitude and it in no way shape or form makes them tanks. Hunters get a nice mele addition for when they DO find themselves in the situation that there next mele attack is strike or die.

Hunters aren't mele characters, but I can pretty much guarantee you that a hunter with Deflection, Imp Wingclip, Entrapment and Deterrence is going to get away from a mele character far better than either of the other two trees.

Sonvar said...

@second chance
I'd agree that hunters do have to melee but if you counting on it as your form of killing opponents you should reroll a warrior/rogue.

Survival gives more ability to get away from melee but still doesn't stop them from hamstringing or stunning you which keeps you melee range. Only TBW allows you escape from every ability to get into range. Granted its only 18 seconds but I find it to be the best escape button there is compared to the other hunter abilities. Especially when you not able to focus 100% on the game or you didn't have your pvp trinket on at the moment.