Sunday, November 25, 2007

Mark of the n00b

So there Maj was, doin a little shopping for bling-bling in the org AH. True, itsa dump, but the prices can't be beat, and unlike TB, the streets are free from omnipresent dung.

And I get a whisper.

"Can you make some netherweave bags for me?"

Level 21 tauren hunter. Sure, what the hell. Give back, and all that crap. While trying to calculate the rep per scryer faction piece.


So she runs around, and then comes, opens trade....

My screen fills with netherweave cloth.

"Er... how many bags did you need?"


"Um... (quick calculation) there's not enough here... (short by about half a stack.)"

"Plz give me rest of mats!"

K... at this point... its kinda looking abusive... but I figured I'd get a story outta it, so I played along...

"Right, whatever."

An hour of crafting bags later...

"Here ya go."

"Thx! I sell em... thats how I make my gold... wait right here, and I'll get some more netherweave for you to make me bags with... oh, and please put me on your friends list!"

I immediately log....

Playin the next day, knee deep in demons in Shadow Labs..

"Can you come to org to make me more bags?"

N00b... meet the ignore list.


Sonvar said...

And also how is a lvl 20 some character getting all this netherweave and not already currently know a friend that is already willing to make the bags?

MeatShield said...

I think he did have a friend....until he abused em. Seriously, even friends who make things for me get a tip. Its common decency. If my friend declines payment that is one thing, but I ALWAYS at least offer it. Some people are simply rude

ComputerSherpa said...

Ha. Maybe you should have negotiated with him for 50% of the profit. He scrounges up the Netherweave, you provide the Tailoring skill. Might be some easy cash.