Wednesday, November 14, 2007

I <3 Everyone!

Arms&Fury wants more conflict between TJ and I...

A&F is an ass.

I have discovered something very important about TJ. Inflicting suffering on her is rather like kicking a cute puppy. With cute puppy eyes. And AIDS. Whose mommy just died. And who has hurt its precious widdle paw.

TJ is like the puppy. One of the precious, cute, happy-making, gentle things of the earth. And when she growls, in that cute little puppy way, the only civilized thing to do is smile at her and pet her precocious widdle head.

There. If that don't do it, nothing will.

I doan feel like another stalker story right now. The stories of Rick and Ken are best told when I'm not jonesin for WOW like Michael Jackson at a daycare center.

2.3 was the hunter deliverance patch. I was in AB last night... like a wolf in the fold.

Allies died like the vermin they are. I suck at movement, but even *I* can kite a fool melee class into ranged now with everything on cooldown. And now Scattershot/Aimedshot is what you GET when you charge/ambush me. The 3 sec cast for aimed makes Scatter/Aimed a no brainer.

/charge poor Mabd
/Mabd emptie buckshot into yo warrior ass
/Mabd hops back while global cooldown fades

The death of the dead zone is gonna make a lotta non hunters seriously unhappy.

Now, my big blizz criticism.


I log onto my shammy. Enhance time! Look at my talents...

I got 40 points in enhance, and shaman rage. And the rest of my points in resto...

Hrm... keep what I have, and see if I can keep Shaman rage and pick up Nature's Swiftness? Is blizzard OUT OF THEIR FUCKING MINDS?

I plopped down the 15g for the respec, and went Enhance/Elemental.

Then took Unbound out for a spin.

Jesus. I was blowing things away like they were made of cardboard. PVE, true... and in BG's rogues still pwned my poor ass. But enhance is now a really effective pve build. The new talents not only make shocks uber cheap to cast, they add a healthy chunck of spell damage (30% (?) of attack power turns to +spell... which makes the resto/elemental trees much more useful... )

News of the night... apparently tier 6 resto shammy gear was free at the mount Hjal vendor...

Side note. God I wish I still had access to Armory at work. And last night, I was trying to look up talent builds, and use the blizz talent calculator... and they still hadn't been updated to the new talent trees... grrr....

So... bg dailies...

The best thing since hotel sex or what?

Man, I got into games in two minutes, with my 66 shammy, at 4 in the morning. 3-0. Three games, three stacks of gold, two stacks of exp for maj and unbound. And many many dead allies.

Maj was having special fun in the "not quite ready for prime time" bracket... 60-69.

She's gonna be a cast iron bitch when I get her ass to 70 :)

One nice hunter touch... the tooltip updates the damage of the stings and traps according to the current ranged attack power. Wouldn't it be nice if they did the same with spells and +spell damage?


Kirk said...

Everybody got nice things - some folk don't realize how nice they are because they're not as OBVIOUS, but... shrug

I agree completely about the free respec. Almost every class got a new talent or a major change in existing talents. sheesh, blizzard.

Now as to your two wishes...

I can't do a thing about armory. But for the talent calculator - can you connect to There, in tools, is another talent calculator.

Of bigger use, may I point you to DrDamage? (There's another one, same thing, name escapes me because I don't use it, but different tastes and all that ...) It will put the damage (and heal) the whatever will do based on your current numbers -- just like your stings and traps information.

TJ said...


I demand you stop being smitten with me!

Anonymous said...

That is inconceivable.