Friday, November 2, 2007


So... I blew off Kimmu-sempai last weekend to farm honor via AV. Last night, she got back at me.

I had to go watch 30 Days of Night with her.

Damn, that was a scary movie. True, the ending was hokey, but well... a problem endemic to the genre, I'm afraid. Still... the theatre was cold, and I forgot my sweater. So... I watched a movie about vampires eating people in a frozen darkness, while sitting in frozen darkness. And drinking a 64oz diet coke.

I do not handle caffine well...

Needless to say, i was seriously freaked while walking home along a badly lit path, in the chill northern virgina night.

And... I take it back. Melvin really is an idiot. We were arguing over the value of resiliance... Melvin believes that it reduces all damage, not just crits and dots.

One harsh lesson on life I learned from working in a convienence store... you can put all the signs you want up, but it doesn't help unless you teach everyone to read first... Melvin can't be bothered to read the tooltips of his various class abilities. People can't be bothered to read the "STORE CLOSED, GO AWAY" signs.

So I went with Melvin to a movie a while back. I paid for for it. Melvin is one of those strange people who has problems with taking a favor... he wanted to pay his share. The only problem is... he can't be bothered to figure out what his fair share is.

You all know this phenomenon. You go out to eat with a buncha people... group ticket. Everyone figures out what they owe, put it in the center, and the group is always 20% short.

It takes a dictator... "Bob, you owe $15, John, kick in $13..." etc... to make it work out right. OR... well, I once did a meal with my japanese class... I made sure I was last so i could take up the slack... I ended up paying $45 for a $6 salad...

So Melvin tries to hand me $6 for the movie, which cost $10... and this pisses me off more than the time someone spit on me after I refused to sell them beer. Cuz either it's my treat, which I don't mind. Or you pay your share. But don't screw me over and then think you paid your way...

He watched me hand over the $20 for two tickets. He saw me not get change. He was holding the ticket that said "$10". And he still tried to give me $6.

He's not cheap. He's not poor. He simply can't be bothered to pay attention to what the hell's going on around him.

Unlike me... caffinated up, freezing, walking home in the dark, and trying not to think about how the vampires killed all those people.

Thanks a ton, Kim.


howardchua said...

haha love the blog! melvin sounds like a funny guy!

i live in NOVA too!

Sonvar said...

Yeah 30 Days of Night was good until the end. Most movies change things around from the source material and they definitely should've changed the ending from the comics its just too odd for what was overall scary movie.

As far as Melvin goes I'd give up explaining anything to him once he already has an idea set in his mind because it seems once he gets an idea he's going to be anal about it.

I'm still curious whether you made the MM switch yet or not

ArmsandFury said...

He did make the switch!!! Now I am waiting for my new talent trees! He better have his ass online tonight for arena >.<